Hillary - Obama meet in Washington D.C.

Washington, 6th June, 2008:  Senator Obama changed his schedule as he was campaigning in Virginia and went to DC to meet his doughty adversary of the last sixteen months, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  According to sources it was Hillary who invited Obama to meet her.  Their rendezvous was California Senator Dianne Feinstein's domicile in Washington, D.C.

This lead to speculation that they could be discussing the No. 2 spot on Obama ticket.  In fact Clinton supporters have been urging the democrats to press for an Obama-Clinton ticket which would be the best way to unite the parity before November.  They argued that she had bagged considerable number of states and the popular vote in the primaries. 

But Hillary distanced herself from this move of her supporters and said that it was purely Obama's prerogative to choose his Vice Presidential candidate and that she is not seeking the Vice Presidency.

It would be prudent of Obama to remember that Hillary drives a hard bargain; as of now she has only suspended her campaign and is yet to endorse his candidacy and officially withdraw from the contest.




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