Gujjars insist on talks with Government at Bayana

Jaipur, 7th June, 2008:   Col. K.R. Bainsala the Gujjar leader and patron agreed for talks with the Government after they conceded their demand for postmortem of their dead outside Rajasthan; but the talks seem to have hit a roadblock with regards to the venue. 

The Gujjars are quite sure of what they want;  they made it clear unless a letter is issued recommending Scheduled Caste status to the Gujjars they would not yield an inch.  The Gujjars are fighters to the core; in fact the Indian Army battalions are full of them.

But the Rajasthan Government is not willing to oblige as it would alienate the larger Meena community which warned the government not to give such a status to the Gujjars as it would hurt their interests.  With the elections to the state assembly due in a few months they wouldn't like to take any risks.

The Colonel wants the talks to be held at the Gujjar camp in Bayana and are adamant about it.  The Chief Minister Vijaya Raje Wasundara wants them to come to Jaipur; and what started as a roadblock is now a virtual deadlock.

Meanwhile Sachin Pilot the Congress MP who is a Gujjar himself has reached Dausa as desired by the Gujjars,  in fact it was one of their pre-conditions.  They wanted the cremation of their dead to take place in Sachin Pilot's presence. 




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