Obama wins North Carolina by lengths

Washington, 7th May, 2008:  Senator Barack Obama fought many odds and came out unscathed.  His resounding win over Senator Hillary Clinton in North Carolina ranks among this best so far.  He won with 57% voting for him and only 43% for Clinton.  This is despite he being dogged by issues like Rev. J. Wright, Rezko and patriotism.

Yet the Democratic party bosses donít seem to be truly convinced about his ability to win in the general elections pitted against the veteran and war hero John McCain.   He has done everything, won the popular vote, taken more number of states, took a good number of the bigger states and now the scales are tilted in his favor as more and more delegate and super delegate votes are slowly trickling in.  He leads the delegate votes by 1786 to 1639 but still away from the magical mark of 2050. 

He started as a dark horse but will the Democratic caucuses put their bets on him to beat a seasoned campaigner like John McCain to take the November Presidential Elections for the party. 




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